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Finding More Time in Your Life
With Wisdom from the Bible and Tools That Fit Your Personality
By Dru Scott Decker

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Quick Quiz: What is Your Time Style?
Category One--Basically Organized OR
Category Two--Need to Concentrate to be Organized
Recovering Dis-Orderly Author Reveals 10 Tips for Getting Organized

A Crossings Book Club Selection
When people complicate your time, this book helps you get organized.

If you feel harried and hurried with too many things to do and too little time for the people and things that matter, explore this fast and easy way to gain the time you need.

Since a "one size fits all" approach to time is not enough for most people, Dru Scott Decker offers you ways to understand your personality and find the time tools that work for you-even with people complications.

Harvest House Publishers
ISBN 0-7369-0307-0

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