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Finding More Time in Your Life
With Wisdom from the Bible and Tools That Fit Your Personality
By Dru Scott Decker


Finding More Time in Your Life
By Decker, Dru Scott

How Can Understanding Your Personality
Help You Handle Your Time?

If you feel harried and hurried with too many things to do and too little time for the people you care about, explore this fast and personalized way to gain the time you need.

Believing that a "one size fits all" approach to time is not enough for many people, Dru Scott Decker offers you ways of understanding your personal style and then finding the time tools that will work for you as you:

  • discover which of two basic time categories you fall into
  • grab a tool that will turn big projects into manageable ones
  • shepherd your time and prevent procrastination
  • get out of the guilt trap with your peace intact
  • use two powerful tools to lift your energy
  • learn to handle interruptions with grace and skill
  • find the right time and the right way to say no

You don't have to do everything and do it to perfection. You simply need to do the right things with the right tools at the right times. And if you'll let Him, God, your Wonderful Counselor will delight in showing you how.

Dru Scott Decker is an internationally known author and expert in finding abundant time. Over two million people around the globe have read Dru Scott books in French, Portuguese, Swedish, and Spanish. They have watched her training videos in ten different languages and tens of thousands have heard her speak at meetings around the world. Her passion for this book grows from her history as a "recovering dis-orderly."

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